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Added June 28th 2020  Click to see a compilation video of all the sports stars and children's activities from last week 22nd to 26th June 2020. A huge thanks to all the participants who make is such a success. 

 Click here to see a video of Winners for Virtual Sports Week. Seriously well done everybody


Teachers have set up separate pages with work on the website     Click here for links to the pages. 

Added 30th May 2020  Click Image for More information about Fr.O' Byrne's 50th Jubilee!!

See Tribute Video  from our school HERE


 Added 25th May 2020           Scoil Bhríde is very proud to announce that we have been awarded the AMBER FLAG from Pieta House for our commitment and dedication to the promotion of positive mental health and well-being in our school. This initiative was spearheaded by Ms. Irene Finnegan and Ms. Lauren Molloy wonderfully aided by a brilliant and enthusiastic bunch of children on our Amber Flag committee listed here below. You all worked so hard. Thank you! Thanks to Scoil Bhríde staff Well Being team for all their help and support and to all staff and children for getting involved to support this wonderful initiative. We had to set and achieve goals throughout the year and Pieta House found our hard work to be an outstanding initiative promoting positive mental health. Thank you everyone. We are very proud indeed and look forward to when we will all be able to raise our Amber Flag together and have a great celebration! Ms. Moynihan

Click For Pupils on our team and Click for Flag 

 Added 17th May 2020 Video message for our Communion Children. Well done to you all.

 Added 5th May 2020 Video Message from Scoil Bhríde to you all kindly inspired by and edited by Ms. O' Reilly with support from Mrs. Christian and Mr. Kelly.

Added 4th May 2020   Message from Bishop Denis...

 I hope that you are staying safe and well in these very strange days. As we begin the month of May Bishop Denis has recorded a message for the children who were preparing to celebrate their First Holy Communion in the coming weeks. That video can be watched at and will shortly be up on It would be great if you could direct people to it through your own Facebook, website, school newsletters and any other means of communication that you use to connect with your families. I have also sent it to parishes. To accompany the video I have prepared some simple resources for the children and their families to work on at home.These are available here . Bishop Denis is asking them to do three things as they continue to get ready for their First Holy Communion whenever it will eventually happen; 1 Make their Prayer Space at home into A May Altar; 2: Pray a decade of the rosary and 3: try to go to Mass on Livestream. Please make the resource available to all children preparing for First Holy Communion. I hope that you find the resources and the suggestions useful and that your families engage with them over the coming month. We are asking children to take photos of their May Altars and send them to the Kandle Facebook page but, if you would like them to send them to the school instead and you could then make them available to me that will also be perfectly fine.

Please feel free to make contact if you need any clarification on the content of this email.

 Added 30th April 2020                     Stay Brilliant


Added 19th April 2020  Video Greeting 19th April 2020 Brendan Kelleher

 Added 14th April 2020The Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh, TD, announced on Friday last that primary schools will remain closed until further notice. Minister McHugh said, "Great work is being done by schools and teachers to connect with students and to keep them learning. We must give teachers, principals and school staff huge credit for their commitment to supporting students, in their schoolwork and in their wellbeing."Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, TD, also announced that current restrictions will remain in place until 5 May when they will be reviewed. Read the full statement here

 Added 11th April 2020 Dear All. I added two fun workbooks to shared folder. Enjoy. B Kelleher 

Added 31st March 2020 Message to Parents from Irish Primary Principal President - Pairic Clerkin.

 Added 30/03/2020 Please see Information on School Transport 2020_2021 here.

 Added 26/03/2020Please see NEPS resources developed to support children/young people when schools are closed during the Covid-19 pandemic here.  We have also placed a banner on the NEPS Home Page to link schools/parents/students to these resources  here.

 Added 25/03/2020 Please click for Information from the Department of Education and Skills in different languages

  Added 20/03/2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),    20th  March 2020

We hope that you, your family and your loved ones are feeling well and are coping at this challenging time. I understand that the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in changes to family life, disrupted working routines, given rise to feelings of insecurity, led to alterations in child minding arrangements and much more. This will have impacted on all of our students.

I also appreciate that there are many parents working in essential public services at the moment - the health services, as doctors, health care workers, in nursing, pharmacies, airports, grocery stores, in An Garda Siochána, the Defence Forces, the government and many other roles vital to our health, basic needs and wellbeing at this time. We know some of you are volunteers also. On behalf of our entire school community I wish to salute you for all you have done and continue to do for us.

During this time of uncertainty, having a set routine and structure to the day/week will be helpful to your child and will contribute to their wellbeing. Teachers have been preparing for the eventuality of the school closing and we are setting up separate pages with work on the website     Click here for links to the pages.

Your child’s School Timetable can be used as a structured working/revision timetable while they are at

home. We recommend that you try establish some structure if it is possible. If this is not possible, then I would respectfully recommend that a defined period of time for structured schoolwork be set for later in the day or evening.

 Don’t fret or stress yourself with this. Reading – whether a timetable, menu, directions, instructions or Ulysses is probably the most important activity one could do together with conversation and discussion – forming opinions etc.

 Be a creator of material not just a consumer.

 Please remind your child that this school closure is not the equivalent of a school holiday. Its purpose is to minimise contact between people which will, in turn, hopefully prevent or reduce the spread of the Corona Virus and the disease Covid–19. We strongly urge parents to discourage students from meeting in groups either in local venues or family homes – the more we all heed the HSE advice about the importance of social and physical distancing, the sooner this might come to an end.

 It is important to note that when the school is not open for pupils, it is out of bounds to the public. This means no access to the basketball court, All Weather Pitch or grounds in general. This applies to weekends and after school without specific permission of the Board of Management. It is trespassing to be on the premises without permission – with or without the current virus concerns.

 Scoil Bhríde has a tradition of teaching our students to live as responsible members of society and to care for the common good, so now is the time for them to be role models. We talk about preparing pupils for Society. Remind them to be responsible members and this is the time. Children are mostly Vectors and not Victims of this virus.

 It will be easier for students and parents if all parents adopt the same approach and all students hear the

same advice from their parents. We would ask all parents to send out a united and collective message to our students, which is

! Stay distant !

! Stay learning !

! Stay well !

Please continue to read the messages posted on the School Website as this is the primary means by which we will keep you updated on developments and important information from the Department of Education and Skills.

We pray that everyone in our school community and all others will remain in good health, will feel supported

during this situation and that everything will return to normality before long.

 Kind regards & stay well,

Le meas,

Brendan Kelleher, Staff and Board.

 Added 14/03/2020 

Dear Parents,
It has been brought to our attention that parents are organising playdates. Please avoid meeting up which include play dates and playgrounds. Please heed government advice. 

In case you’re not already aware of the full measures, you can find more info here. 

Added 12th March 2020

Dear Parents and pupils,

The school is closed today from 18.00 12th March until Monday 30th March 2020 as per the Government's instructions.

We will be providing direction and prescribed work for your child - to keep the pilot light on - as it were. 

Teachers have been preparing for the eventuality of the school closing and we are setting up separate pages with work on the website     Click here for links to the pages.

I received and no doubt you did the following purporting to be from a consultant from Cork. It makes sense even though I do not have the source name

"Message from consultant respiratory paediatrician at cork university hospital . I hope you all stay safe during this difficult time . The children will get through this no problem . Paediatric hospitals are empty in Italy at present after 3 weeks of school closure as the usual viruses stopped circulating .  Remember  with corona children are vectors  not victims .  In most epidemics young children are the transmitters . Therefore  for school closure to be effective it’s really important that the kids aren’t mixing with other kids while out of school . They will give it to each other silently pass it on to our loved ones. What we do now will contribute to how this develops in cork . Avoid situations that the children will interact  . If the community respond to this it will shut it down more than anything we do in hospital . From my experiences in the hospital this last week I would say that corona virus is closer to all of us than we realise  and the degrees of separation for all of us is getting narrower . I’m not that good at social media but if this could be shared as widely as possible with parents in cork it will help. This messsge needs to go viral to stop the virus " 

 Please watch this space. There is a wealth of information on the website under the curricular headings. 

 WIshing you and yours all the best at this difficult time.

 Brendan Kelleher, Board of Management  and Staff.


Click here for poster on Lá Buí / Lá Glas 

Added  12/03/ 2020 Please click for latest updates from the Department 

We would also like to direct your attention to a child-friendly interview that Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn did with RTÉ’s new2day programme last week, that may also be a useful resource when talking about Covid-19 with children and students.

 Added 11032020 Please click for latest information from the Department of Education and skills re Covid-19(Corona Virus)  

  Added 26022020  Please Click for Latest Information from the Department of Education and Skills re Covid -19 (Corona Virus)

  Added 28022020  Please click for Department/ HSE advice for parents re COVID-19 

Added 09022020 ********************************************************************************************

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

We are looking forward to Scoil Bhríde’s Grandparents' Day next Thursday 13th February. We will be welcoming the Grandparents of children in Junior Infants, 2nd class and 6th class. Grandparents of Junior Infant children may go straight to their classrooms at 9am, followed by tea and coffee in the hall. 2nd class will welcome their Grandparents at 10am in their classrooms followed by tea and coffee in  the hall. 6th class look forward to welcoming their Grandparents at 10.30 am.

Please note Grandparents of 6th class are invited for their cup of tea straight away at 10.30am followed by a visit to the classrooms and a very special treat! We thank our Parents' Council for helping us with the organisation and running of this very special day.          Regards,  Áine O’ Reilly and Staff



Added 03022020  Please click here for Information from the Department of Educaion and Skills on the Corona Virus outbreak

Added 06/12/2019

Added 19th November 2019     Student Council

Added 15th Nov 2019   The Amber flag is a flag which aims to promote positive mental health in the whole school community. The Amber Flag Committee are planning on holding a Christmas themed day on the 13th of December coming. The children will be invited to wear Christmas themed clothes such as jumpers, hats etc. on the day and to bring in a small donation for Pieta House, if they wish. We are holding a fundraiser for Pieta House as part of the process to receive the Amber Flag.  Yours sincerely, Irene Finnegan, Amber Flag Committee.


All classes took part in Drumming Workshops run by Neil from DrumNature. We had 3 days of great fun making lots of rythmic noise! 



Our 64 strong wonderfully talented and enthusiastic choir members. We are working hard preparing for our Peace Proms performance in February!


Please find info on Rainbows Programme 


Parent Nominee to Board Election 15th October 2019 19.30


Parents' Association AGM 15th October 2019 20.00 


Info on presentation on Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying  for Parents 17/10/2019 @19.30


Information about rationale for New Payments System

Making Payments online for Scoil Bhríde.


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