Amber Flag

Added 15th Nov 2019   The Amber flag is a flag which aims to promote positive mental health in the whole school community. The Amber Flag Committee are planning on holding a Christmas themed day on the 13th of December coming. The children will be invited to wear Christmas themed clothes such as jumpers, hats etc. on the day and to bring in a small donation for Pieta House, if they wish. We are holding a fundraiser for Pieta House as part of the process to receive the Amber Flag.  Yours sincerely, Irene Finnegan, Amber Flag Committee.


On Thursday last week we had an Amber Flag committee meeting. There are two people from every class on the committee- from 2nd to 6th.

The school is hoping to receive an Amber flag this year. We are working together and have many plans and ideas on how to achieve this.

The Amber flag is a flag which hopes to raise our awareness of positive mental health- being happy! We are working together towards a happier, healthier school, and therefore community.

This week we have been doing yoga. This is a very enjoyable activity which promotes happiness and is also keeping us fit and healthy.

We plan to have an Amber flag noticeboard which will be displayed with our work and lots of positive affirmations to keep us going.

On the 13th of December we will have a Christmas Themed day, so you can wear any Christmas clothes, for example; jumpers, t-shirts, hats, Christmas pyjamas. We will be raising money for Pieta House. Pieta House is a service which provides mental health services such as counselling to people.

In Spring we will have a Wellbeing week. Lots of nice things are guaranteed. We will also be having a poster competition. Details to follow!

Thanks for listening to us, we hope you enjoyed our short speech. Remember, be happy! Be kind to others and take care of yourself!