Added 24th February 2021 Please check Advisory Poster from Department of Education and Skills

Added 23rd February 2021   

Parents of children returning in this phase will be asked by the school to complete the declaration form at the attached link:  This form is

to be used when children are returning to the setting after any absence. From the DES Framework Plan for phased return of primary school

education 2021.


Please See links to documents or websites as recommended by the Department of Education and Skills.

Added 30/08/2020       'Twas the night before school
                                    When all through the house
                                    Not a creature was stirring except for this spouse!       Click for more.....

Added 28/08/2020        Please click for update letter to parents 28th August 2020

                                     Please click to see Map relevant to school opening

                                     Please click to see update letter to parents 21st August 2020


Added 25/08/2020 Please click for Information for Parents from HSE       Please click for Advice for Parents

Added 23/08/2020                    Loads of information available on


Ms. Glynn has cropped the handwashing technique and hand sanitiser technique sections of the teacher video to share with the school community prior to the 31st so correct technique is practised at home before coming into the school building. The two videos can be found here: